Prisma Advisors, LLC.     "Creating value with experience and integrity."

Our Experience Shows!

Specifically, Prisma provides the following services:

  1. Analysis of the commercial viability of new technology.
  2. Business plan development to attract needed capital.
  3. Access to capital markets in initial fundraising and restructuring.
  4. Executive management recruitment and oversight or direct management when needed.
  5. Organizational design development.
  6. Employee hiring and organizational staffing.
  7. Development of structures, programs and policies.
  8. General business guidance and solutions for operations, sales, inventory management, cash flow, finance, human resources, administration, business development, information technology, insurance, benefits and logistics.
  9. Creating solutions for organizational needs created by the generational shift in workforce demographics ("Boomers" to "Gen X,Y").
  10. Investor, public and government relations assistance.


About Us

Prisma Advisors, LLC is a premier management and advisory firm that specializes in working with start-up companies in the alternative energy and biotechnology sectors.  Founders Roger Bushue and Ron Miller have over eighty years of business and management experience ranging from start-up companies through running a Fortune 1000 business.


Prisma Advisors focuses on creating sustainable value for investors by bringing new technology to commercial viability. Our experience in managing numerous start-ups can be translated into success in establishing new organizations with minimal distraction.

Our affiliations with partners in the legal and finance sectors can access needed capital more quickly. Prisma is well known for forging strong relationships built on a high level of trust and integrity and a track record of success. We are the link between the investor and a well managed enterprise. Our success is solely measured by your success.

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Our Commitment

We are the link between the investor and a well managed enterprise.  Our success is solely measured by your success.


Now, I am privileged to honor one of the founders of the RFA and true pioneer in the ethanol industry. To many of you, Ron Miller requires no introduction. He has been ethanol long before ethanol was cool. For nearly three decades, Ron has been involved in the production and marketing of ethanol working. On three separate occasions, Ron has served as chairman of our association. Perhaps more importantly, Ron helped establish and served as chair of our Technical Committee for 10 years.

Recently, Ron retired as Chairman and CEO of Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings in Pekin, Illinois and started his own consulting business, Prisma Advisors.

On behalf of RFA members and the entire American ethanol industry, it is with great pride that I present Ronald Houston Miller with the 2011 RFA Membership Award. Congratulations Ron.”

- Chuck Woodside, Chairman, Renewable Fuels Association

Introduction for the presentation of RFA Membership Award in 2011

"Ron took Pekin Energy Company from its humble beginnings as a 60 million gallon ethanol production facility, through its years with Williams Energy Company, until he was CEO of Aventine Renewable Energy Company where he grew the total capacity to 244 million gallons."

"It's obvious that we have an innovative thinker and a leader among us and we are happy to honor him in this way."

- Tim Lenz, President, ICGA (2010) 

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